Word Cloud made from this URL. All rights reserved, Debbie Morrow.

Word Cloud made from this URL. All rights reserved, Debbie Morrow.


Memoirs, Ghostwriting, Historical Documentation/Biographies, Newspaper/Magazine Articles, Newsletters, Blog Postings, etc.


Copy Editing, Manuscript Restructure, Tone/Voice Consistency, etc.


Reviewing Text, Tracking/Noting Changes Needed – Structure, Voice, Formatting, etc.

Public Relations:

PR Releases, SWOT Analysis, Marketing Slicks, Research, etc.

Social Media Managing:

Corporate or Private Media Managing, Consultation and Analysis, Blog Posts, Tweets, and Web Content, etc.


Historical, Product, Corporate, Content, Trends, etc. Online or In-Person Interviews and Information Gathering.


Text and Content Review, Recommending an Action Plan.

Definition of Services


The Write Girl For The Job has been offering freelance services for over 12 years. The owner – Debbie Morrow has a B.A. in Communications with concentrations in journalism and public relations. She is diligent when choosing her staff and expects the same quality work as she does from herself. She has experience publishing in hard copy and in the digital realm for a variety of clients. See her latest book History Restored for an example of her commissioned work or check out her other blogs –The Write Girl for the Job Blog and Frugal Frights and Delights.


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