Definitions of Services


Initial Free:  Often a discussion over the phone (or in person) after a small project (4 pages or less) is reviewed. This is the time we go over options and advise on the best course of action.  For larger projects taking longer to review, the cost will be discussed within the paid consultation. *Remember the paid consultation will be credited toward a larger service provided by The Write Girl, if you choose to continue with editing, research, or ghostwriting.


Reviewing and marking errors in spelling, syntax, or other areas of concern. No rewrites will be done.


The review, correction and rewrite of spelling, syntax, and other basic errors. Rewrites that require heavy manuscript restructure or voice will require more time – thus,  require a higher per-word rate or fee.


Writing that is initiated after a client gives an idea of what they want to accomplish (such as telling their life story as in a memoir) and wish to attribute their name as the author. This can be with or without attribution to The Write Girl for the Job.

Social Media Managing:

This can be initiating a social media campaign after a social media consultation or continuing the upkeep of interactions within social media networks.

Social Media Consultation:

After an in-depth conversation with a client, we determine the best course of action for visibility and customer conversion.  Besides Facebook and Twitter, we go over many other social media options and tools. Each client will be given a written analysis of which sites and tools will be more effective, why they are more effective, and the steps needed to become successful.

Public Relations:

A press release can be written in hard copy or in most cases, as an email. It’s a brief announcement sent out to various media outlets or other interested entities that helps spread the buzz about a business, product or person. A SWOT is an analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of a particular market, product or at times, a persona.


An online and/or in-person fact-finding mission. This information can be for historical research, memoir background, story background, product and market research, a copyright search, and more. Travel may be needed for interviews or for viewing hard copy documents not available on the internet.

Blog or Online Content Writing:

After given a topic, we write the fresh content. We take copyright infringement very seriously and offer only new stories and posts. We do not cut and paste from other people’s works and we use citation when necessary. Links and references will be given.

Workshops and Training:

We have the ability to teach an online social media action plan to a single individual or an entire company. We use tools such as PowerPoint, communication exercises, and more to enable people to maintain their own effective social media and branding.

If you have any further questions, or wish to contact us for a consultation, please email Debbie Morrow at: or call: 1-800-809-1893.


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