The Write Girl for the Job understands each project is unique and tailors a rate plan accordingly. Whether you’re a corporation seeking out services or an individual who would like your memoirs written – everyone will be treated equally and respectfully.

We welcome open interactions and the exchange of ideas. We will make every attempt to reply to your emails or other communications in a timely manner to help you accomplish your goals.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Debbie Morrow at: 

Copyrights and Non-disclosures

Whether you’re a seasoned writer or new to the world of publishing, The Write Girl recognizes and upholds the highest degree of discretion. We sign non-disclosures and have contracts that are tailored for every job.


For some projects, it may be more cost effective to go with a flat rate, whereas other projects may be better served with a per-word rate. The choice is yours.

Before any work begins, we require a signed contract. Depending upon the complexity of the project, it may require a 50% down payment or a payment schedule.

Each contract will include rights and responsibilities, time frames, definitions of services, billing and payment policy, confidentiality, and other terms of agreement.

Rates Per Word for Writing/Editing:

The charge per word is dependent upon the size/length of the job.

Flat Rates:

Flat rates are often a cost effective alternative to a la carte services. This decision can be made after close review in the consultation.

Not sure what you need? Look here for definitions.

Rates Per Service:


An initial free consultation is done to review policy, procedure, and a light review of works less than 4 pages. Over 4 pages, the fee will be dependent upon the length of the project. If after consultation, you decide to continue with research, editing, or ghostwriting with The Write Girl, the fee paid for the consultation will be credited to the larger job at hand.


Once you’ve made contact and discussed the scope of the project, a flat fee will be provided. At times, an hourly fee may be beneficial for the client, depending upon the type of research.

Please take into account:  Research fees do not include travel expenses outside the Charlotte, NC area, and surrounding counties. Online research often demands going directly to a destination for a particular database – not available on the web.


The cost is dependent upon whether or not attribution will be given. With no attribution, the fee will be  50% higher than works attributed to Debbie Morrow, or one of her associates.


This is also dependent upon job size, but can be rated per word or as a flat rate.

Public Relations:

Press Release: $150  for the first single page. Pages afterwards are $50 per page – not to exceed 3 pages. This does not include the service of sending the press release. Companies that need email, snail mail, or other social media communications, will incur a social media communication and consultation fee.

Press Kit: Rates vary depending upon the needs of the event.

Social Media Managing Services:

  • Written Analysis and Social Media Recommendations
  • Initiating New Social Media for Businesses
  • Employee Workshops and Training

Again, every company/individual has different needs. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us for a consultation :

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