10 Scary Movies that Changed us Forever

Image screenshot of the movie Psycho (1960), Alfred Hitchcock

Screenshot from the 1960’s movie Psycho, by Alfred Hitchcock.

With over 45 years of scary movies under my belt, I can honestly say there have been a few that have forever changed the way I interact with the world today.

With Halloween only a few weeks away, I thought I’d give my readers an opportunity to hunt down some of the most psychologically damaging movies that occurred in my life.

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The countdown is created with the least damaging at number 10, to the most damaging to the psyche at number one.

Number 10: Village of the Damned(1960)

Think about government cover-ups, genetic testing, and tainted water from industrial accidents. Add in overzealous fertility and this movie doesn’t seem too far fetched. The children’s glowing eyes and calm yet destructive nature are enough to freak anyone out -especially when we see blond twins, triplets, and so on.

Number 9: The Last House on the Left(1972)

As teens we have all innocently told our parents we were heading to the movies(or concert) and went somewhere else. Never did we learn our lesson better when watching this. As parents, we can relate to the nightmare the parents in the story endured. To make matters worse, it mentioned how the movie was based on a true-life experience.

Number 8: Halloween

It was bad enough when parents would warn us about the dangers of eating candy before they checked it. After seeing this one, you’ll never quite feel safe trick or treating again – especially while walking past bushes. You’ll always be looking for what lurks in the shadows.

Number 7: Child’s Play

That creepy Chucky doll is hard to forget when companies make such good animated ones – such as in the higher-priced Baby Alive Dolls. Deep in the recesses of our minds we’re thinking…is that doll for real?

Number 6: Friday the Thirteenth

Camping has been changed forever. Gone are the days of s’mores and songs around the peaceful fire without a fleeting thought of the noise in the woods. I’m sure it was just an animal – or was it something more sinister?

Number 5: Cujo

This movie was one of just a string of super-strength, dog-killer movies that make us now flinch every time we walk past a strange, growling, dog. Cue one running toward you at a high speed and it’s hard not to relive a Cujo moment.

Number 4: The Ring

As strange as it sounds,  technology today may have the ability to send frequencies or messages that end up killing you in one way or another.  Don’t forget, you may have to check that nameless VHS tape before you put it in a garage sale to make sure it is not your daughter’s dance recital. But what if you’re mistaken? The vision of Samara crawling out of the depths of the well will make you hesitant to ever look down a well again.

Number 3: The Shining

Sometimes things that occur in real life are more horrifying than anything else. No matter how much you love your spouse, would you like to live that secluded and cut off from the world? Anyone that is married knows your significant other has a dark side.

Number 2: Jaws

Forget about going into the ocean, lake or even a pool again without the thought of a shark or other creature lurking in the water.

Number 1: Psycho (1960)

It has changed the way people take showers and most of us take one every day. This is why it has made my number one spot. After seeing this movie, you’ll often lock your bathroom door and still keep an ear out for any noise. If a family member comes home unexpectedly while you’re in the shower, I can bet you – you’ll have anxiety until you know for sure who it is in your home.

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