Tracking Devices and the Law

Are you being track right now? Image courtesy of Lars Kristian Flem on Flickrcc.

Are you being track right now? Image courtesy of Lars Kristian Flem on Flickrcc.

Over the course of several years, there have been a plethora of stories about the U.S. government taking allowances to track people in various ways. They use license plate tagging, email archiving, and more. The government can have this freedom because of a few reasons – including The Patriot Act.

A More Concerning Point

Even the government has a certain accountability for their tracking and local/state police officials have to get a warrant in order to electronically track a citizen’s movements. Yet, were you aware there are no laws in place that protect a citizen from tracking another citizen on their own?

In general, a person can use an electronic device (such as a GPS) to track another person’s movements. Brickhouse Security gives a quick run-down on the law, but as long as you do not break into the person’s vehicle or have to wire the device into their car system, it looks like anyone can track your movements.

Possible Uses

As far-fetched as it may seem, an inexpensive GPS device can be easily placed under the frame of your car. It can track every movement for several weeks until the battery needs replacement.

These devices are now being used for gaining information in divorce cases, suspected cheating, keeping track of a teenager’s location, and more.

The Purchase of  a Device is Not Necessary for Tracking

Beyond the idea of placing a GPS on someone’s vehicle, if you have had a relationship with someone who had even a few minutes of access to your cellphone or other mobile device,  you could have a tracker placed upon your device and be none the wiser.  Apps like GPS Tracking Pro can be used on  most systems – even older cellphones.

Beyond Safety

Although there are several safety reasons for using a GPS app (such as checking on an elderly parent or checking a child’s location), the implications of an old boyfriend, bitter co-worker, or other unsavory character having the ability to monitor your whereabouts at all times, should not sit well with you.

Get Involved

Laws should hold everyone accountable instead of the few government agencies. Take time to write your local congressmen or senators with your concern.

So forget about worrying over officials tracking you, because if you’re not doing anything against the law – why would you worry? It’s your ex-friend or neighbor that may be the bigger threat.

* If you know of anyone that is being stalked in person or via electronic device, please tell them to take it seriously and contact the authorities. In some cases, a restraining order may be necessary or other steps be taken in order to insure the safety of your loved one.


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