The Funniest Creations on the Market Today

Advertising for Poo-Pourri Spray. Image courtesy of Kevin Trotman Photography. FlickrCC

Advertising for Poo-Pourri Spray. Image courtesy of Kevin Trotman Photography. FlickrCC

Innovation – it’s what makes life so interesting. We’re not talking about a new Apple product here, but some of the funniest and surprising products that can make a person wonder: How did the inventor even think about coming up with this idea?

For many of these products, there has to be a good back story to be told. Yet for now, here is a list of products that look like something out of a Mad magazine or an article from The Onion, rather than real life inventions.

The Sweet Smell of Success

Shreddies look like any other pair of underwear and comes in a variety of colors. Yet, the company touts their “Shreddies flatulence filtering underwear features a ‘Zorflex’ activated carbon back panel that absorbs all flatulence odors.” They even have an incontinent line for the entire family.

Poo-pourri has the most hilarious commercial. A prime and proper woman (dressed impeccably) while sitting on a throne, talks about how one spritz of Poo-pourri can stop odors from occurring in any bathroom. The video ad can make even the grumpiest person giggle. The company touts their product has a better rating than the iPhone 5, with over 4 million bottles sold.

A Positive Spin on a Prank

James Piatt has created a new line of hand bags with a unique feature: a Chinese finger trap design. Most of us have already been pranked with this type of trap at least once when we were kids. Yet, Piatt believes women will enjoy the experience of holding their handbags in this manner.

Don’t be Kept in the Dark

I don’t know how hypo-allergenic this product is, but the Glow-in-the-Dark Toilet Roll offers the convenience of not turning on the lights to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, or could be helpful in a power outage.

The Glow Umbrella can help guide the way while walking in the rain where streetlights are absent or just don’t do the job.

Commuter Communication

How many times have you been driving when someone in another car obviously doesn’t get the rules of the road or is just plain rude by hanging on your bumper because you’re not going fast enough? This is where the Drivemocion LED Sign comes in to save the day. Rather than cussing or offering other gestures of your unhappy sentiments, you can use Drivemocion to wirelessly change an electronic face to 5 different emotions within a sign hung on your car.

If facial expressions don’t do the job, you can always get a Blue Rolling Message Display Board that will clearly get your thoughts across. It’s programmable for up to 9 different messages and runs off your car charger.

I hope you were at least amused by some of the inventions mentioned and if you know of any other note-worthy products that you’d like to add to this unusual but real product list, please feel free to comment or submit an image, thanks!



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