When Pharmaceutical and Insurance Companies Play God

Every day a person you love can be denied the lifesaving treatments they need. Image courtesy of US Navy 060603N3714J017 on Wikipedia.

Josh Harding is a 7-year-old boy who is in critical condition and his life teeters in the balance because of a pharmaceutical company’s refusal to give him the drug he needs. Another patient needed a very expensive antibiotic because she acquired necrotizing fasciitis in the hospital after a C-section and when doctors wanted to give her a life-saving medication, they had to ask for insurance approval and were denied.

Everyday Someone is Denied

Cases are plentiful and for all intents and purposes, pharmaceutical and insurance companies are making the decisions on whether someone lives or someone dies. Big business has become more important than whether or not a human life if worth saving.

Exposed Hypocrisy

In the Forbes article, Busted! Health Insurers Secretly Spend Huge to Defeat Health Care Reform While Pretending To Support Obamacare, contributor Rick Ungar offers readers proof, which many of us have already known: Transparency only exists for many companies and law makers after they are exposed – not because they are honest or forthcoming on their own.

The Forbes article obtained their information from The National Journal, which is one of the most highly respected non-partisan publications that offers an in-depth analysis of political and legislative activities. In their segment exclusive: AHIP Gave More Than $100 Million to Chamber’s Efforts to Derail Health Care Reform, it showed how America’s Health Insurance Plans funneled over 102 million dollars to help defeat the bill they were telling the public they were in favor of.

Hypocrisy is Commonplace

As It turns out, money can be easily back-channeled from group to group without a huge paper trail. It is only after tax returns are completed between parties that it can become evident what is occurring. Activity can occur for an entire year or more (if tax extensions are given) and the public is non-the-wiser.

In the meantime, people like Josh Harding are dying because these companies would rather spend the millions to keep their stakeholders happy and pretend they are working toward the good of The People, when in fact, they are allowing greed to guide their decisions and act without a moral obligation.

Help is Out There

Although we cannot control the amount of money spent filtering toward other purposes than saving lives, help is out there for those who find themselves in a position where they have insurance and are denied. The Patient Advocate Foundation helps those who need assistance from a plethora of situations: co-pays to very specialized case needs.

In a perfect world, we could believe what we are told. Yet, we all know a perfect world doesn’t exist. Although many would like to be blissfully ignorant, others are grateful for their wake-up call. Which one are you?


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