The Unexpected

There are very few things that stop me in my tracks. A serious illness that prevents me from thinking or typing coherently, or…death of a loved one.

It is the later mentioned circumstance that has me at a stand still. These are the first words I’ve been able to type. My 26-year-old daughter died unexpectedly and has turned my world upside down.

The world is a little darker with the beautiful light that was dimmed. My daughter - Tiffany Scheel.

The world is a little darker with the beautiful light that was dimmed. My daughter – Tiffany Scheel.

I want to apologize to my followers for the lack of offerings – especially during these holidays that I am usually all about. I also want to apologize to the people I follow and engage with. I miss our collaboration of creativity.

So for those who enjoyed or looked forward to my posts, please have patience. Somewhere within my broken heart is the writer who wants to continue to share and communicate.

I’m hoping that with each day, I will feel more capable of returning to our exchange and commentary. But for now, this is all I can offer.


About thewritegirlforthejob

During college, I began my writing career as a reporter for a newspaper. After graduating with honors in 2004, I continued my journalism and public relations education at Barry University and Empire State College(graduating with a BA). As a freelance writer, I have over 100+ published works and have had the honor of authoring the commissioned book, History Restored. Since starting my writing career, I've edited more books for authors rather than complete my own - since work comes first before I have the pleasure to write. I've been very lucky to be given the gift of having a very supportive family that has allowed me to share my passion of creating and writing and can already see my youngest wanting a page of her own soon.
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2 Responses to The Unexpected

  1. Oh my God. I’m so, so sorry, Debbie. There are no words. Please know that I am holding you and your family in my heart.

  2. Thank you so much for thinking of us. It’s a struggle every day to realize my world will never be the same. A huge part of me is gone. I have always taken solace in writing. I hope that feeling will return sooner than later because I do feel quite lost. Thanks again for your kind words.

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