Senators and Reps Should be Held Accountable

Democrats and Republicans need to be accountable for their fighting and inability to do their jobs. Image courtesy of

Democrats and Republicans need to be accountable for their fighting and inability to do their jobs. Image courtesy of

This is not going to be another finger-pointing post about the Democrats or Republicans and which one is at fault. Nor will this be a criticism of the President.  Let’s talk about the reality of employees who don’t get the job done.

When most of us go to work, we’re expected to do a certain job. When we don’t do that job to the expectations of the employer, we get some kind of consequence. This could be in the form of being reprimanded to being fired.

Our House and Senate employees need to take notice and be accountable for their actions. Why should they be allowed to sit on their hands and get paid for it? Would an employer stand for squabbling between employees that prevented the work from being completed?

There needs to be a law written(although there never will be)that anyone in the House or Senate that will not cooperate (within reason) with each other will either be fined or fired.

People wonder how our economy has gotten to the point it is. By allowing employees to run amok without being accountable for their work and paying them for the rest of their lives for being a previously bad employee, we’ve essentially gotten ourselves in the red.

Congressional members should not get any special treatment. They need to do the job or face the consequences – like every other person working in the United States of America.

For now, regular citizens can only retaliate by not re-electing the inefficient members who were suppose to be representing The People. Remember their names and make a difference at the voting booths.


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