A Clueless Husband’s Guide of What NOT to Get Your Wife for Valentine’s Day

A vacuum cleaner is not the best Valentine's gift.  Vacuum Cleaner image courtesy of Flickrcc  22558336@ N06/ 6868752166.

A vacuum cleaner is not the best Valentine’s gift. Vacuum Cleaner image courtesy of Flickrcc 22558336@ N06/ 6868752166.

Dear Husbands:

While you’re surfing for that perfect gift for your wife, you may want to take notice of what other females are talking about. You need to be aware of what NOT to give as a Valentine’s gift.

Does your wife really enjoy being seen as your cook or maid? Don’t give her a new vacuum cleaner, toaster, broom and dust pan, pot holders, coffee pot or other appliances. Let her know she is more than the person that completes the chores.

Does your wife wish to shed a few pounds? Don’t give her a membership to a weight loss facility, gym, a month’s worth of Nutrisystem, a food scale or a weight tracking scale. The same goes for diet cookbooks, sugar-free chocolates, and sugar free/fat free ice cream. She doesn’t need the person who should love her just the way she is reminding her what she already knows. This one day should not be counted in calories.

Is your wife a sports fan? No? Then forget upgrading your cable with the sports package, buying sporting event tickets, and sports memorabilia.  That flat TV you’ve been eyeing for those sporting events will not be seen as a gift for her – even if you give it to her on Valentine’s Day.

Remember as a husband, you should pay attention to her heart’s desire. Don’t have any ideas? Speak up and ask her. If she says “oh, nothing” – dig deeper.  A well written letter from your heart with a box of her favorite chocolates will go over far better than a set of pots and pans. Yet, not everyone loves chocolates. Again, the key to successful gift-giving isn’t how much you spend, but knowing your recipient.


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