Learning From an Unexpected Source

Wise Young Bloggers

The young can be surprisingly be wise. Photo courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

After reading a plethora of blogs, there is one thing that stands out in my mind. Many of these strangers who share their words so intimately with me are wise beyond their years.

Does that make me sound like I’m an old biddy? Do you even know what a biddy is? According to TheFreedictionary.com, a biddy could be a few things:

1)      A Hen.

2)      A woman, especially a garrulous old one.

3)      A nickname for Bridget.

Well, I’m not clucking and my name is not Bridget, so I’m talking about number 2.

I’m almost a half a century young. That may seem like old to a lot of people. Yet, I don’t feel old (well my mind doesn’t feel it, at least).

I would read various blogs on a variety of topics and when their words would strike a chord of truth, I’d look to see who the author was. To my surprise, many of these authors would be in their late teens or early twenties.

Focus and Strength

I’ve read more clarity in teen blogs than I thought possible. I certainly didn’t have the depth they possess until I was much older.

Does reading heartfelt blogs promote others to share their own experiences?

Maybe it’s because they haven’t learned to leash their feelings as so many of us have done as we’ve gotten older.

For whatever reason their hearts are on their sleeves, I’m sure it’s healthier.

So when someone mentions wisdom comes from age and experience, show them some of the wonderful blogs out there that exist.

They will be pleasantly surprised.


About thewritegirlforthejob

During college, I began my writing career as a reporter for a newspaper. After graduating with honors in 2004, I continued my journalism and public relations education at Barry University and Empire State College(graduating with a BA). As a freelance writer, I have over 100+ published works and have had the honor of authoring the commissioned book, History Restored. Since starting my writing career, I've edited more books for authors rather than complete my own - since work comes first before I have the pleasure to write. I've been very lucky to be given the gift of having a very supportive family that has allowed me to share my passion of creating and writing and can already see my youngest wanting a page of her own soon.
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