Connecting to Friends

Do We Really Want To Hear The Truth?

Sometimes friendships go beyond truth. Photo Courtesy of flickrCC ‘KeoneGlow’

Going into the grocery store, I thought of a good friend who I haven’t spoken to in several weeks. I made a mental promise to myself to give her a call or drop over to her house.

As luck would have it, I ran into that particular friend in one of the aisles and I asked her how she was doing. She replied quickly she was doing fine and moved on to more interesting conversation.

Since we were both on tight schedules, we said goodbye after about ten minutes. But as I walked away I began to wonder. Visibly, my friend looked pretty good. But was she?

I know she has several health issues including a heart problem and cancer. Yet, she smiled pleasantly with me as if nothing could get her down. I thought: if only I could live my life like that.

When we ask someone how they are, do we really want to hear the truth?

Reasons for Denial

Maybe people don’t want to burden others with their problems, but isn’t that what friends are for? Was I being selfish for not asking further?

Maybe if a person denies anything is wrong, the problem won’t exist for them in that moment.

Maybe they feel they are so much more than the disease eating away at them that they chose not to talk about it, because it doesn’t define them.

For whatever reason my friend said she was fine, I’ll believe her. Whether it is ignorant bliss or a selfless act of making our lives happy, I’ll relish in the moment with her.


About thewritegirlforthejob

During college, I began my writing career as a reporter for a newspaper. After graduating with honors in 2004, I continued my journalism and public relations education at Barry University and Empire State College(graduating with a BA). As a freelance writer, I have over 100+ published works and have had the honor of authoring the commissioned book, History Restored. Since starting my writing career, I've edited more books for authors rather than complete my own - since work comes first before I have the pleasure to write. I've been very lucky to be given the gift of having a very supportive family that has allowed me to share my passion of creating and writing and can already see my youngest wanting a page of her own soon.
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